Pig.  Good morning Pig.  Will you treat me well this time?  Desperate to change my sentiments, through your actions, your nation, your vice.  The dog was quick to leave behind his doing, his botheration.  Not mine, but surrounded.

So cantillate a song, sing it in 7/4.  Or will your requiem be in 52/12?  Let me enjoy it either way, for this time I want it to slow down and enjoy the lullaby of this time signature.

Hello cadenza with your intoxicating chords distorting what I've known all along.  To make me believe in something that I gave up on years ago.

That fall broke more than myself.

Thank God for second chances.  Thank God.

Let your crescendo experience me.  It can only lead up to something valuable, something admirable, something deserving of you.

Forget symphonies of pablum performance and give me an a capella symphony of ensemble.

This soliloquy is proving far better answers to my expectations.

Monologue'ing shouldn't be for one, but to one. Through motion or whatever medium suits well for your taste.

I prefer the second of the senses, wouldn't you?

Since time keeps tapping my shoulder asking for direction, I refuse to answer for my lack of dedication to consequence.

Sanctity found in the circuitry of waves and mixed signals.  Binary never looked so good to a worn mind.  It's delicate, don't you think?


30/4.  Beautiful.

Elation can't deliver soon enough.

Help me change history.

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