Beauty Tutorial - Photoshop

2661_136417115636_532650636_6092426_1023162_n Wow....I'm really enjoying doing this blog thing daily.  It's exciting for me!  It's making me stay up to date on other things as well.

I've been busy with my latest project from a band called The Author.  They're an amazing band and I've been able to work with them before on some past projects they've done as an other band.  They're some of the nicest dudes and always fun to work with.  We shot at a great secret location with lots of dead stuff and tall grass.  (I'll never share the location. Muhahaha.)   At the shoot, I was able to take some video footage of the shoot for some behind the scenes video.  I can't recommend the Canon 5D mark II enough.  The video output on this thing is great.

Since I was designing their myspace page as well, I  thought it'd be fun to put together a teaser video for them using some of the behind the scenes footage.  I'll be posting that within the next few days, as well as the photos.


Now onto the toot. (short for tutorial.  Also, another word for gas.)  Today's toot comes from  When I first got into....whatever it is I do now, I was constantly on deviantart.  There is a huge resource of amazing talent over there.  All it takes is a couple of minutes before you're overwhelmed with awesomeness.  Sign up, get an account, and make friends. (I should probably update my profile's been about 3 years?)  Let's all admit it.  Sometimes we take really bad photos.  We can make a flattering person very unflattering.  Or we might notice that the makeup artist or model didn't put enough makeup on the face and we need to add some in.

Here's a tutorial that really helped me out when I first started tweaking photo's.  Now I have a different work flow and editing techniques, but this is where I began and can be a nice helper for your arsenal.  Go check it out! It's a life saver!  To download the file, on the left hand side of the site, you'll see a little download button.  Just click that and start beautifying!