Distress Effect Tutorial - Photoshop

fav-23 Alright, I've decided to make this a daily thing...posting and stuff.  So, during the week, I'm going to be posting my favorite tutorials, freebies, and other good stuff.  I've spent tons and tons of time researching all this stuff, and testing things out...so I'll help you save some time.

By the way, Every Sunday will be now titled "Behind the Scenes Sunday."  Catchy eh? I totally thought of it by myself.  Anyway, every Sunday will be a behind the scenes look on one of my shoots, or some of my before and after post work, and I MIGHT give some hints as to what I do, and why I do it.

I should create a whole schedule. Each day has it's own creative witty little title that has to do with some aspect of....... something..... hmmmm...that was vague.

Anyway, back to today's gift from me to you.  This has to do with grunge.  We love the distressed looks in our photos.  There's a true art behind grunge.  Imperfections in a photo can add a personality that couldn't be achieved by any other means.  I love dirtying, grunging, aging to perfection, and crushing images.  The Gears of War video games has some of the most incredible destroyed beauty I've ever scene in any art medium.  Like so:



Seriously?!?! Just look at how beautiful that is.  The crushed high's, everything is destroyed! mmm.....  Ok, insider tip.  If you want to know where I get a lot of my ideas for shoots and colors, play Gears of War 1 and 2.  There you go.  There's my million dollar secret. (If I was worth a million dollars of course.)

Unfortunately, none of those things can be achieved by pressing one button in photoshop, illustrator, cinema 4d, after effects, or any other program.  Some plugins might tell you that for X amount of dollars, you can have realistic creases and scratches by buying their plug in.  Bleh.  They're all crap.   It takes time, understanding how the aging process works, and all sorts of subtle things that I don't even really know how work., but they do.


The only way to really truly get a grunge look, is to get if from things in real life.  This article from the website, Computer Arts based in the UK explains how to correctly use grunge textures in alpha channels.  They include some source files and well as a PDF tutorial to save for later!  Enjoy!