Current Playlist V.3

Another playlist for the angsty nights.  A long long time ago, I used to be in a metalcore band (screamo for you old folks).   We were called Oh, Doctor! and you can find some of our stuff on MySpace.  I'm currently in the process of getting our music up onto iTunes and Spotify.  My inspiration for a lot of my darker edits come from the pages of this playlist.  It's also very very good for working out or morning commutes.  Enjoy!

Merek Davis
Boston Cream Pies

The wife and I try to go to Boston every October to experience this thing called "seasons".  you see, in Arizona, we have summer and then for about 3 months we have winter.  There really is no transition.  One day it's incredible hot, the next theres a nice cool breeze and by the end of the day, you're bundled up in a hoodie.

Merek Davis
Current Playlist v.2

It's time for another playlist.  Sometimes dubstep can be a little "grinding" when trying to focus on projects.  I created this playlist when I wanted something a little dubsteppy, really melodic, a little chill, and a little instrumental.  This is my go-to mix when I'm needing to get some creativity moving later in the evenings or early mornings without blasting my neural stimulus.

Merek Davis
Portland, Oregon, and Trailblazers

Portland is one of those places you always hear about, you see pretty pictures of, and a place I always wanted to travel.  My only association with Portland up to this point was friends who lived there, The Goonies, and Portlandia.  With this education in hand, my wife, my sister-in-law, and myself headed there for a long 3 day weekend.

Travel, LandscapeMerek Davis
Current Playlist

This is the latest playlist I've been using to edit to.  It's not my typical style/genre that you'd catch me listening to.  It's mostly bro/chill/dubstep tracks with some electronica mixed in for good measure.

Merek Davis
The Launch and Story Behind Mextures

So here we are in June, 9 months later after I decided one night with the support of two friends, to give away a pack of 8 grainy textures, and I have a top 5 app. It's been a long, strange, frightening and humbling road.....

Backstory time! I'm going to pull some text from a live interview I did with AMPt back at the end of April. You can read the entire interview here, but I cover a lot about my process and the story behind Mextures and I don't want to type it all out again.

Merek Davis

Instagram has become for me, my mistress.  I find myself spending less and less time on Facebook (that old hag), and more time interacting with the photographers and designers on Instagram.  I never thought I'd spend my "social networking time" on a hobby photo sharing site, but it's true: Instagram, I love you.....


This shoot was for the band Reactions and their release of their new band lineup.  They wanted something with a criminal line up feel as well as a vintage, old feeling individual portraits.  They needed to look worn out/beaten up.  With no makeup artist on set, we used baby oil and a spray bottle full of water = quick and easy sweat.   The lineup shot beaten look was done in photoshop...

ShootsMerek Davis

I had a shoot with the incredible talented Maria Sais de Sicilia of Her&Gold (ex member of Lydia).  We went for two different styles: One was very natural with clean polished tones and colors, and the other was lots of grain/dirty light.....

ShootsMerek Davis