I launched the Mextures app for iPhone.  Mextures is the best app for applying film grain, textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. We even won a "Best Of" app of the year from Apple!

merek davis.jpeg

I'm a commercial photographer/app creator living in Arizona with my wife and son. I specialize in musician, portrait, and travel photography.  I primarily shoot with Canon, Fuji, and my iPhone X.  I shoot with Profoto lighting, edit on Wacom Cintiq's and use Photoshop / Lightroom / Capture One for my professional post processing.  I use Mextures, Darkroom, and VSCO for my mobile workflow.

I launched Vellum. A beautiful wallpaper app for iOS.  We curated through thousands of images to find the best wallpapers, with new ones being added regularly.  This has been a firecracker of an app with tens of millions of wallpapers downloaded in under 2 months of launch.



Since Johnny Cash died, I have worn black. I can recite Pi to 2,158 digits, and I have discovered the source of life, the meaning of the big bang, and the chemical composition of Twinkies. I have set trends, and continue to buck the system.

I am a published author in over 8 countries. You may have read my renowned book discussing the interpersonal cliques of Eupetaurus cinereus causing the demoralization of the family Sciuridae.

I am a convincing liar, yet I always tell the truth. I regularly bowl 300, and my "pinging" has earned me international fame in table tennis circles. I only play in high stakes UNO tournaments. During the grunge craze, I didn't wear plaid. I appreciate beauty in all things. I am a classically trained chef, a revolutionary thinker, and a merciless patriot. I dance like I have a purpose.

I have dined in the company of Kurt Cobain, Ed McMahon, Abraham Lincoln, and Betty White.  Randy Pausch changed my life.

I am the owner of a French Bulldog. I am married to my best friend. She, being much more accomplished than I, recently interpreted the Dead Sea Scrolls correctly.