Boston Cream Pies

The wife and I try to go to Boston every October to experience this thing called "seasons".  you see, in Arizona, we have summer and then for about 3 months we have winter.  There really is no transition.  One day it's incredible hot, the next theres a nice cool breeze and by the end of the day, you're bundled up in a hoodie.

This time when we went, we decided, alongside our usual tromps to the city and Salem, MA, to rent a car and head to the Berkshires.  This picturesque region is in the western part of Massachusetts.  It's filled with small towns that dot the red and orange landscapes. It's rumored that the ghost of Norman Rockwell haunts this part of the United States to this day.  (that's not true)

Images were shot with the Fuji XT1, iPhone 6s and the DXO One.  Both cameras are completely capable but I found the DXO One to be my weapon of choice this trip due to it's impeccable low light performance.  The fact that is was so compact made me love how quick it was to be up and shooting.  The iPhone app is great and I was able to get in and edit my shots right away in Mextures and VSCO.  I will always be a strong advocate for a mobile workflow when traveling.


We always take the red-eye to Boston.  It gives us the chance to sleep on the plane and get a full day of adventuring!


This was also a really special trip as we were taking photos to announce our pregnancy.  It's another post for another time, but this was a long and somewhat difficult process for us.  So to say we were ecstatic and overjoyed to be taking this photo is an understatement.

The Berkshires

I could not take enough photos of the leaves changing.


For living where nothing changes color, the east coast mind numbingly beautiful.

Merek Davis